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Opinion: Why has Nitish become so unreliable? Why sidelined even the close leaders?

Reported by Ramakant Chandan , Edited by Rishikesh Narayan Singh , , Updated: Jan 25, 2023 at 9:02 am

Bihar Politics: Suddenly Nitish Kumar is becoming an untrustworthy leader in the politics of Bihar. Moreover, he is also being accused of sidelining his close leaders. Upendra Kushwaha seems to be its latest hallmark. Why did this happen, read in this news.

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Patna: in Bihar politics Nitish Kumar But it is being alleged that he is becoming the most unpredictable and unreliable leader. They are going back on their statements. They are going back on their promises. Broke ties with BJP and RJD twice. As far as the leaders are concerned, they too have been bearing the indifference of Nitish Kumar. One by one the leaders have started distancing themselves from them. RCP used to be his right hand once. Today he was removed from the party itself. Lalan Singh was also expelled from the party at one point. Now the game of isolating Upendra Kushwaha is being played.

BJP and RJD also suffered

BJP has also faced how unpredictable Nitish Kumar is. From 2013 to 2015, the BJP was a victim of their displeasure. In 2015, he fought the assembly elections together with RJD and formed the government. But in the middle he parted ways with RJD and formed the government with the BJP. He did this when he said many times in 2015 that he will be mixed in the soil, he will not go to the BJP. But while leaving RJD, he did not even think that the mandate of the people is insulted. In the same way, Nitish fought the 2020 elections by taking the BJP along. But in 2022, breaking ties with the BJP, once again formed a government with the RJD, which he said was an uneasy alliance. In both these situations, he did not go to the polls to save the dignity of democracy, but he must remain seated on his chair.
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Upendra Kushwaha is also going to be a victim

By the way, there was tension between Nitish Kumar and Upendra Kushwaha several times and Upendra Kushwaha kept leaving the party. The recent situation is that in March 2021, Upendra Kushwaha came in contact with Nitish Kumar and once again shook hands with Nitish Kumar. He also merged RLSP with JDU in a unique way. Nitish Kumar was very happy on this merger. Holding Kushwaha’s hand, CM Nitish had also said then that now together they will serve the state and the country. But Nitish Kumar’s promise seems to be broken once again.
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George Fernandes and Sharad Yadav were also sidelined

In political circles, even today Nitish Kumar is accused of abandoning even George and Sharad Yadav, who once taught the ABC of politics. Upendra Kushwaha also highlighted that at the last moment, Sharad Yadav had tearfully told how his disciples even stopped picking up his phone at the last moment.
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RCP was also right hand

Nitish Kumar and the RCP have had a relationship since Nitish Kumar was a minister at the Center and was associated with his ministry under an IAS officer. Later he entered politics and became the closest leader of Nitish Kumar. But there came a time when he was thrown out like a fly in milk. On today’s political situation, the RCP says that Nitish’s ministers are talking about breaking the society by making unflattering statements, yet the Chief Minister has kept silence. Nitish Kumar should first of all call his ministers and inform them about the Constitution, Sanatan Dharma, tradition.

What does BJP leader Vijay Sinha say

Leader of the Opposition in Bihar Legislative Assembly Vijay Kumar Sinha says about the ongoing tussle in JDU that ‘Nitish Kumar can sacrifice anyone to fulfill his selfishness, no matter how honest he is towards the party. Kushwaha sometimes speaks the right thing which makes Nitish Kumar angry. Nitish has so far sacrificed many people for his selfishness and now the next number is of Upendra Kushwaha. Nitish Kumar dislikes principled and loyal people at all. They can sacrifice any such person for their selfishness and ego.

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