Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2023

‘Nitish can sacrifice anyone for his selfishness’, BJP attacks on Kushwaha amid ruckus in JDU

Patna: There is a ruckus in the party regarding JDU leader Upendra Kushwaha. Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, Vijay Kumar Sinha, Nitish Kumar There has been a strong attack on (Nitish Kumar). He alleged that Nitish Kumar can sacrifice any leader for his selfishness. He has sacrificed many leaders for his selfishness and the next is Upendra Kushwaha. Nitish Kumar does not like a man who is loyal to him and his principles.

Sinha furious at Nitish Kumar

Vijay Sinha said that Upendra Kushwaha sometimes tells the truth, but Nitish Kumar does not do so. There is a political uncertainty in Bihar and those who have stolen the mandate are responsible for it. They are fooling the people of Bihar. The Grand Alliance government has not been formed under principle or service to the people. It is designed to corrupt.

Chief Minister tell what is the deal… Upendra Kushwaha in rebellious attitude, then Nitish’s support is going to leave?

‘There was a deal between JDU-BJP’

The BJP leader on Tuesday alleged that a deal was struck between JDU and RJD. One wanted to become the Prime Minister and the other the Chief Minister. Upendra Kushwaha sometimes tells the truth, but he does not tell the whole truth. Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav are cheating each other. They have nothing to do with the interests of the common people. He further demanded that Nitish Kumar should dissolve the assembly to respect the mandate.

‘Conspiracy to take me away from JDU’, Upendra Kushwaha’s deal with BJP is fixed, understand the signs from these statements

‘Nitish’s arrogance is not stopping the deaths due to alcohol’

Leader of Opposition in Bihar Legislative Assembly Vijay Kumar Sinha commented on Siwan spurious liquor case. He said that due to the arrogance of Nitish Kumar, the process of death due to spurious liquor is not stopping. Vijay Sinha visited the affected villages in Siwan and met the families of the victims and expressed his deep condolences. He said that the endless chain of havoc caused by spurious liquor in Bihar is not taking the name of stopping. The Chief Minister is embroiled in the tussle between his party and the Grand Alliance.

Bihar Politics: Upendra Kushwaha’s safe exit plan? Know why they are talking about the deal

‘DGP Bhatti has also proved to be a farce’

The BJP leader said that the corrupt bureaucracy of the government was busy in entertaining the Chief Minister by organizing tamasha in the districts during the so-called Samadhan Yatra. The new DGP RS Bhatti, who made tall claims while taking over, has also proved to be a farce. Liquor mafia dominates the police system. He said that in fact the administration in the uncle-nephew government is chaotic and under the patronage of power, the liquor mafia has become unbridled, fearless.

Ask him… CM Nitish said on Upendra Kushwaha’s comment that ‘JDU leader is in touch with BJP’

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