Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2022

Bihar: ‘Cat fight’ for boyfriend, kick and punch fiercely, riot of girls in the fair

Chhapra : Five girls together fall for one girl for boyfriend. The boy had brought his new girlfriend to visit Sonpur fair. Then the ex-girlfriend caught him with her friends, then kicked and punched a lot. Ex girlfriend lost her temper on seeing another girl with her ex boyfriend. Gave a barrage of kicks and punches in the crowded market. There is an incident of Chhapra’s Sonpur fair. Several girls together thrashed one girl. Its video is going viral on social media.

girls fight for boyfriend
It is being claimed about the viral video that it is from Sonpur fair. Where some girls who came to see the fair beat up a girl. Someone made a video of it from mobile and made it viral. However, it cannot be said with certainty that this video is from Sonpur fair only. But the people around have suspected it to be a video of Sonpur fair.

Video of fight going viral
There is no audio in the video of the fight between the girls. Despite this, it is becoming quite viral on social media. It is seen in the video that several girls are beating a girl with kicks and punches. The girl is trying to save herself. But the gang of girls continues to clean their hands on him.

boyfriend was trying to save

At the same time, a boy is seen in this video. He is trying to save the girl. It is being told that in the case of girlfriend-boyfriend, thrashing has been done. The girls had also come to visit the fair and the boy had also come to visit the fair with his new girlfriend. One girl among the girls was the boy’s ex-girlfriend. Whom suddenly met the boy in the fair. Along with him, he also had a new girlfriend. What started on this matter, said-listen, tu-tu, main-main, abused and then turned into a fight. The video of this fight is becoming increasingly viral on social media. However, NBT online does not confirm the viral video.


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